Tuesday, August 9, 2005

This Mountain Air Is Devastating

I'm somewhere in the Rocky Mountains right now. Blogging is difficult. Smoking entirely too many cigarettes, living on grilled crab legs and cognac. Fingers can't stop shaking and Thomas The Engine is the soundtrack to my demise, it would seem. Won't be back till tomorrow, but dropped in on a strangers Vaio to make a point.

I'd like to re-up songs, really and truly, I would. However, Yousendit is to blogging what a plastic fork is to fine dining. Forgiving poor analogies, you must understand that till I finally manup (and settle my outstanding credit card debt), I am in no position to offer anything of any permanence, meaning: 25 clicks and that's it!

So, to all the people from Ukraine, Bali, and Botswana, I would advise getting online at the most inopportune times to avoid losing out on some of this aural delight, lest some thieving American scallywag beat you to the punch, smell me?

Anyway--no music in this post. Lots of reading going on, namely Camus's "The Plague", a great cigarette/poop/bedtime read. Not so good for daytime, when everyone's talking about going on some hike and all you can think about is collapsed rats and yellow eyes.

-You guys drink soda? I'm thinking about cancelling my alcohol intake in lieu of all this:

-Crazy Guy On A Bike...I could be into this club.

Till tomorrow, adieu.

*Oh, I suggest you guys buy some Satwa. Great Brazilian psychadelic. I'll post it up Thursday, that and some John Fahey. Fucking A it's a folk party.

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