Sunday, October 2, 2005

Bodymore, Murderland

Piano Overlord-The Overlord Meets Adventure Time In Sleepy Keys

-Some serious Money Studies jocking. They got Piano Overlord, select Hollertronix joints and Spank Rock, whose album "Voila" has been fornicating with my car stereo the last couple days nonstop. I glance over at my CD booklet and think, "What's the fucking point?" The CD itself isn't just pure Spank Rock, it's a blend of shit that his DJ's Rockswell and XXXChange mutilated to the nth degree. By now you've heard so many redundant mashups you may feel inclined to roll your eyes but these dudes prove the point that certain people were born to DJ and not just come up with cute ideas in the confines of their friend's automobiles while under the influence of some foreign substances. All those booty bass B-More strip club references will take shape in this one album.

-Going to Spain in three days. I'll have one last blog post before I turn this thing into a straight travel journal with occasional mp3age and incessant photologging.