Saturday, July 30, 2005

Do You Party?

Soft Pink Truth-Big Booty Bitches
Le Tigre-After Dark (Diplo Remix)

-The above photo is kid Conor, at his most recent obliteration. Son got so drunk, he fell asleep on a box of Keystones, next to what the local yokels referred to as "The Beer Whale", a giant misshapen (not even looking like a whale, at that) Oceanic figure comprised of an assortment of terribly cheap beers (PBR, PBR, PBR, oh look, a Natty Ice!). When I told him he was sleeping on a box of the aforementioned burr, he made the wise choice of moving onto a much more comfortable, box of Miller High Life's. Being as soused as he was, I'm sure he thought it was like going from Motel Six to the Ramada. I decided it was the perfect time to break out the camera phone and a lighter, while the accomplice J-W.O.D. stuck the stoge in C's moufpiece. Carrying on....

-Soft Pink Truth was featured most notably on the Hollertronix megahit "Never Scared" with their reinterpretation of Bjork's spritely wonder "It's In Our Hands", along with "Big Booty Bitches", featured above. Google it and you'll get a lot of Matmos references, glitch allusions, panty raider club beats and all that haberdashery. The Diplo remix is the full version this time. Who loves ya?

-Snake Versus Kangaroo. Snake Wins.

-The Best Of NBA Fights. I like the 'three point to karate kick' move myself.

-Lakai's "Russia Red Flair Tour"

-Agents Of The Area

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We Are You

DJ Shadow Minute Mix Pt. I
DJ Shadow Minute Mix Pt. II
DJ Shadow Minute Mix Pt. III
DJ Shadow Minute Mix Pt. IV
DJ Shadow Minute Mix Pt. V

-As promised, here it is. I feel like a mix of this nature should be distributed for everyone to hear, not just those lucky enough to have the duckets to dig through the crates, or the overpriced CD racks, for that matter. Enjoy.

-Wedding Crashers--phenomenal. Better than Old School. Take your girl; it's a moment of truth for your wishy-washy relationship.

-Cashing In On Revolutionaries? I don't see it as that big of a deal...or maybe that's just because I happen to like Boxfresh's stuff.

-Hey, I like Maya as much as the next blogger but these dudes are borderline creepy.

-Free Credit Reports via Suze Orman. Trust me, your mom has a copy of everyone of said jawn's books for a reason. You can see how long the fed's done been tracking your ass. Do these every few months so you can check them regularly.

-What's good with eating a solitary tuna sandwhich for lunch and having three Bud Ice's for dinner...add two packs of expensively packaged cigarettes and you got yourself the beginnings of a lovely summer relationship.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Like Something Out Of Kerouac"

Talking Heads-Sugar On My Tongue

-At a recent midnight movie showing of "Stop Making Sense", I totally fell in love with the Talking Heads all over again. When I was just a wee lad in the Year Of Our Lord, 1988, I, like many other preschool graduates, was without blog, iPod, or even a decent set of headphones. I was forced to succumb to the board jumping musical preferences of my mother, which bounced frequently from Bonnie Rait, to Genesis, to Tracy Chapman and later surprises like The Stranglers and Iggy Pop. She also played quite a bit of anything David Byrne related. She made me a mixtape along time ago of songs she played when I was in the crib....Enya's "Sail Away" was on there, as was "Burning Down The House", my personal fave, nostaglic value irrelevant. Jonathan Demme, director of "Silence Of The Lambs", created the best possible concert film of all time. No psychadelic camera tricks circa any Hendrix footage, no unnecessary stage antics or fan introspections, not even a mandatory backstage interview with the band. Just genius enough to get at least six people in the theater up and out of their seats, acid inspired or not, looking more like gospel revivalists in some lucid dream than the reality--scrawy, white, teenagers dancing like it WASN'T the 21st century, you dig?

-Speaking of Iggy Pop, The Stooges-"Down On The Street" is a song that can certainly transform afflicted brainchildren of the modern era into Chuck Berry era wonderkids.

-And if nothing else works, MC Hammer can show you something related to collar popping and exaggerated movements of all kinds.

-I reupped the DJ Shadow track below...I'm considering posting up the entire second disc of the album, which is Shadow's six song, over 100 minute, psychadelic mix. It's really great and incredibly limited and I don't know if it's easy to come by....any thoughts?