Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We Are You

DJ Shadow Minute Mix Pt. I
DJ Shadow Minute Mix Pt. II
DJ Shadow Minute Mix Pt. III
DJ Shadow Minute Mix Pt. IV
DJ Shadow Minute Mix Pt. V

-As promised, here it is. I feel like a mix of this nature should be distributed for everyone to hear, not just those lucky enough to have the duckets to dig through the crates, or the overpriced CD racks, for that matter. Enjoy.

-Wedding Crashers--phenomenal. Better than Old School. Take your girl; it's a moment of truth for your wishy-washy relationship.

-Cashing In On Revolutionaries? I don't see it as that big of a deal...or maybe that's just because I happen to like Boxfresh's stuff.

-Hey, I like Maya as much as the next blogger but these dudes are borderline creepy.

-Free Credit Reports via Suze Orman. Trust me, your mom has a copy of everyone of said jawn's books for a reason. You can see how long the fed's done been tracking your ass. Do these every few months so you can check them regularly.

-What's good with eating a solitary tuna sandwhich for lunch and having three Bud Ice's for dinner...add two packs of expensively packaged cigarettes and you got yourself the beginnings of a lovely summer relationship.

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